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    make me choose: buffy summers or jo harvelle (asked by argentallisons)

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    I don’t understand that criticism of this show. The reason my husband and I got hooked on it was “OMG they talk like us!”

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    My favorite part of any episode of this show is to watch how Giles is 600% done with everybody.

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    Every face is golden

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    Xander: “You have no shame.”

    Cordelia: “Oh please, like shame is something to be proud of.”

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    fucking buffy look at her furrowed brows like she cant braid hair and theres fucking xander not even fucking looking at the hair — just whippin out french braids like it aint nothin what the frick this show man seriously

     but xander and willow have been friends since forever    and they had sleepovers and everything    willow and him probably sat there in his or her room plaiting her her    willow probably showed him how to do it using one of her dolls    and she did little plaits with his s1 curtains hairstyle    ofc he knows how to do plaits tho

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    oz + iconic lines

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    It’s a sign of growing up that I identify more and more with Giles

    We all become Giles, in the end.

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    Buffy Summers + being a precious lil dummy 

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    Dawn’s OTP :’)